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Managing Client Wait Lists

Our wait list feature is a great way for busy service based businesses to ditch their old, messy paper based cancellation wait lists.

Wait lists will work whether you run a busy barbershop, hair salon, tattoo studio or wakeboard park. If you're taking appointments, and you routinely have full or near full days, wait lists will help you automatically fill in appointment cancellations made by your clients.

How Your Customers Use Wait Lists

Customers can use the booking widget to browse through the days you're open and now click into days marked as "FULL." On a full day, the customer will see a "+ Wait List" button next to each provider. When a customer clicks on the"+ Wait List" button they will be able to login (if they aren't already) and add themselves to the wait list for their provider of choice.

For days not marked as "Full," but the customer's regular provider is marked as "Fully Booked," the customer can login and click on the "+ Wait List" button next to their favorite provider to add themselves to the provider's wait list.

When a cancellation is made by another customer the wait list service will automatically spring into action. Customers on the waiting list will be sent emails based on their list order letting them know that a time slot has now opened up on the day where there were no previous availabilities. Once the customer clicks on the link provided in the notification email they will be taken to your business' Resurva account where they can then book and confirm the open appointment.

If the customer has any other bookings (e.g. an appointment later in the day or a few days before or after the appointment they just secured) they will be advised of their other appointments they've made so they can cancel the other spots if they are no longer needed.

Lastly, when another cancellation occurs on the same day, customers remaining on the list will be notified that another appointment slot has opened up for booking.

How Your Business Will Use Wait Lists

When viewing your Resurva account as as an administrator you can add a client to the wait list for a fully booked provider by clicking on a provider's name on the Schedule Page. Click on "Wait List" from the drop down that opens and then add the email address of the person who wants to be added to the wait list for their provider of choice.

When a cancellation is made by a staff member, on behalf of a client, a grace period starts before the first wait list email goes out to the customers on your list. The window of time created before the first wait list email is sent will give you enough time to either enter a new appointment, move the appointment to another provider or block off the time for a break.

The email notifications will go out customers on the wait list in the order they were added. Each customer has an exclusive window of time to secure the booking before the next email is sent out. To login and complete the appointment, the customer just needs to click on the link in the notification email and they will be taken directly to the confirmation screen to secure the appointment.

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