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Private Clients Lists by Provider

This article will show you how to set up Private Client lists for a Provider.

If you'd like to prevent new clients from booking with you, you can enable the Private Clients setting which gives you control over who gets to book with you. 

To turn on Private Clients:

1. Go to Manage > Providers > General Settings

2. Make sure the Private Clients Only is checked.


Next step is to Add Existing Clients to your list. You can choose to add clients who have booked with you at a number of different frequencies. You can also manually add (or remove) clients to your Private Client list at any time.


(Optional) Adding a Private Code. By creating a Private Code, you'll be able to give new clients a way to add themselves to your Private List when making a booking. They'll simply add their code to the input field when confirming their booking.






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