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Setup & Manage Group Services

Getting Started with Group Services

Resurva can now help you set up and manage services for groups of clients. You can use our Group Services feature to manage classes, tours, sessions and events at your business.

Some examples of how you could use Group Services in your Resurva account include:

  • Classes at a gym, yoga or pilates studio
  • Tours at a factory or production centre
  • Tours at a winery
  • Instructional classes (e.g. golf lessons, music lessons, glass blowing lessons and barber/stylist hands on classes)
  • Tastings at a brewery

To enable Group Services in your account go to Settings > App Settings > Services.

Check off "Enable group service management" and click "Save."

Once you've enabled Group Services you can access and manage your Group Services by going to Manage > Group Services. In the Group Services section you have the ability to set up and manage your templates and as well as your weekly schedule. You can also add one off Group Services as required to single of multiple days.

Setting up Group Service Templates

The first thing you'll want to do when adding Group Services is set up your Group Service templates. There are a few options to consider when setting up a Group Services template:

  • Give your template a name (e.g. "Restoration Yoga Class" or "Winery Tour")
  • If you want your clients to be able to book on behalf of others, check off "Allow clients to book more than one slot at once."
  • Choose the right label for the Group Service: Session, Class, Event or Tour
  • Optional: Add the price per slot (e.g. $20 dollars per person)
  • Optional: Add a description for the Group Service
  • Optional: Add an image for the Group Service

If you're connected to Stripe your can precharge for your Group Service. If you've enabled the ability for a client to book multiple slots, each occupied slot can be charged to the person making the appointment (e.g. a friend booking a Brewery Tasting Tour for 4 friends will pay for 4 slots when booking an appointment).

Adding Sessions, Classes, Events or Tours to your Schedule

Once you've set up your Group Service templates you'll want to add them to your schedule. Group Services can be added to days by selecting a day (or mutiple days) in the calendar and clicking on the ADD button next to the template name. Group Services can also be added directly by clicking on ADD.

When adding your Group Service to the calendar you have the option to select the following for each day the class will be available:

  • Day of Group Service
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Number of Slots (up to 50 clients)
  • Assigned Provider (provider must be checked off to offer the Group Service under Manage > Providers)

If you'd like to set up the class on multiple days you can click on the + button in the template manageer window to add the Group Service to multiple days. You can independently change the start/end time, slots and provider for each Group Service you add to your calendar.

Managing your Weekly Template

Once a week is set up you can use the "Copy & Paste Week" button in the top right hand corner of the calendar and select a week to copy and paste as your regular Group Service schedule going forward. Select the week you'd like to use as your weekly template and paste the week of Group Services in each week you'd like to offer the Group Services.

We recommend always setting a Last Booking Date (under Settings > App Settings > Last Booking Date) so that you can better control your appointment window with your clients. For example, if you choose to let clients book Group Services up to 6 weeks in advance, you'll need to make sure you're always a few weeks ahead with the management for your Group Services (e.g. you've confirmed your class/session/tour schedule for the next 10 weeks).

If you need to cancel a day of Group Services (e.g. for a Holiday) you can head to the Schedule, select the day you'd like to edit and then cancel the Group Services that are scheduled for the day.

If you'd like to add Group Services to a specific day of a week (e.g. because of high demand or a busy season) you can use the Group Service template manager in Manage > Group Services to add one off or select times to a specific week in your schedule.

Adding Clients to Group Services

Clients can be added to a Group Service from the Schedule page. If a client calls in or would like to be added to an upcoming class/session you can click on the Group Service and add in the client as you would with a one on one service.

Clients are also able to view your Group Services from your Resurva booking widget. Clients can add themselves to any upcomingGroup Services as they would a 1 on 1 service.

Cancelling a Group Service

To cancelGroup Service go to the Schedule and find the day where you'd like to cancel a Group Service. Click on the Group Service you want to cancel and hit the Cancel button.

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