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Running concurrent Group Services with the same provider

This article will show you how to set up a provider to run concurrent group services.

This could be used in a situation where there are two tiers of pricing or extended class time for the same day of classes.

For example:

  1. Look & Learn: Presentation Only (group service) with Master Barber (provider) July 30, 9am-12pm (instance of group service) $50 (service price)
  2. Look, Learn: Presentation & Hands On Instruction (group service) with Master Barber (provider) July 30, 9am-4pm (instance of group service) $100 (service price)

 In this example we have Master Barber who is giving 2 classes concurrently, but would like to charge more for the extended class.

Because each group service is connected to a provider, if Master Barber is selected as the provider of the first class in the above example, they will not be selectable as the provider for class number 2, because they start at the same time.

Here’s how you can make this work:

1. Make an additional provider named Master Barber. This assumes you already have a provider named Master Barber. 

2. Set this second provider so that they only offer the second service.


3. Set up your instance of each group service. You will see that even though both services are starting at the same time, you will have two providers named Master Barber available to select.


4. Your clients will not be affected by having more than one provider with the same name, as the name of the provider doesn’t go on your list of services, only the name of your Group Service.



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