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Advanced Schedule: Set Up & Manage

Our Advanced Schedule feature allows you to create a new weekly schedule and pick your start and end dates for implementation. This is particularly helpful to a business who wants to account for staff summer holidays, or have extra staff members on their during busy seasons.

Here's how to create an Advanced Schedule.

1. Manage > Schedule. You will see a +Create New button. Clicking that will bring up the following window:


You will decide on your starting date and ending date and whether or not you want to copy availability from your default schedule. In this example I want a one week schedule change starting August 28 and I want to copy my providers' availability as a starting point.

2. Click Create. Your new schedule is ready to customize. Your new schedule is currently Pending and needs be pushed live.  Please note: General business hours are not editable. 


3. Click "Go Live" once you're happy with the new schedule. Make sure you're happy with the new schedule, as they can't be edited once they are live.


4. Your new Advanced Schedule is all set up.




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