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Admin Accounts: Connect Provider to Receive Email Notifications

This article will show you how to connect a Provider with an Admin account to receive notifications.

In order for a provider to receive email notifications for New Bookings and Cancellations, they must first have an Admin Account, and then have a Connected Provider setting enabled.

Note: This article assumes that there is already an Admin Account set up for the Provider.

1. In: Settings > Admin Accounts, click Edit on the Admin which you would like to connect.

2. Click Connected Providers. This will bring up the Options screen.

3. Check on "Receive email notifications for Connected Providers".

4. Check on the name of the Provider who should be receiving the notifications.


In the example above, I want the Provider "Jesse" to receive the email notifications for the Admin Account "Jesse Rading". The email address that the notifications go to is set up in the General tab.




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