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Adding/Updating Your Credit Card

If you have an updated/new credit card that you need to add to your account you can do the following to change your card on file for your Resurva account:

- Login to Resurva

- Go to Settings > Billing

- Click on the blue "Upgrade Account" located in the top right hand corner.

On the page that loads, you can enter your updated credit card details and click save. You will be charged once the card is able to be processed.

If there continues to be an issue with processing your card you can do the following:

- Make sure there's no holds on your card and that it's been activated with your credit card issuer

- Call your bank/credit card issuer to let them know that the charge that is being requested is a valid request from the card holder. Sometimes banks will block charge attempts from businesses located outside of your country or if the charge type (signing up for a subscription) is not a normally associated with your credit card.

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