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Cancellation Protection

By setting up a Cancellation Protection policy, you can say goodbye to lost revenue caused by last minute cancellations and no-shows.

Your Cancellation Protection allows you to set a cancellation window and payment %. If clients cancel within your window, they will be automatically be charged whatever % you decide. For example, clients who cancel with less than 12 hours before their appointment will be charged 100% of the service cost. 

How to set up your Cancellation Protection

To set up your Cancellation Protection, go to Settings > App Settings > Payments.


What does this look like for your clients?

Cancellation Policy Waiver

Your clients will have to accept your terms in order to proceed with their booking. They will be charged automatically if their booking is marked a no-show.



Your customers will have a chance to Review the Cancellation Policy, as well as update their card on file, when confirming their booking.


Cancellation Window

If your client cancels with your Cancellation Policy window, they will be alerted that they will be charged. They can then proceed with the cancellation, however their card will be charged.






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