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Send an Appointment in Resurva to Vend POS

Once you send your Resurva appointment to Vend POS, it becomes a Parked Order in Vend. You can then add products, manage customer loyalty and check out your customer in one seamless transaction.

To send a Resurva appointment to Vend POS, follow these steps:

1. Resurva: On your Resurva schedule page, click the appointment. You will see the Vend logo button. Clicking this button will send the appointment to Vend as a Parked Order.

2. Vend: Click Sell > Sales History. Your Resurva appointments are saved as parked orders. You can see in the example below, the appointment Time, Customer name and Sales Totals are displayed for quick reference. 


3. To send your parked order to the register, click the arrow button to continue the order.


4. You can then complete your sale.vend-send-service-to-vend-step-5.jpg

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