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Stopping a Cancellation Policy Violation Charge

This is an admin only feature.
The best and easiest way to stop a charge from happening after a Cancellation Policy Violation is to hit the Skip Payment Action button that appears after a booking has been cancelled.
If you close this window without skipping and change your mind, don't worry. The charges for a booking that is cancelled or no showed and violates the Cancellation Policy go out 30 minutes after the booking event occurs so you have some time to react.
To stop a Cancellation Protection Charge or Refund (if pre payments are allowed) after the Charge Notification Window has been closed do the following (Web App only):
  1. Switch to Cancellations view by tapping the "Cancelled" button in the day navigation
  2. Go to the time slot where the cancelled booking existed
  3. Hit the "View" button to show the cancelled bookings for that time slot
  4. Select the booking for which you would like to stop the charge
  5. Hit the History button in the Booking (three vertical lines by the Service name)
  6. Look for the Booking Event which triggered the cancellation and hit the Notifications button for this event
  7. Find the notification for "Payment Action: Charge" and hit the cancel button
This will then stop the charge from a Cancellation Policy violation from happening.
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