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Group Services: Adding Sessions, Classes, Events or Tours

Adding Sessions, Classes, Events or Tours to your Schedule

Once you've set up your Group Service templates you'll want to add them to your schedule. Group Services can be added to days by selecting a day (or mutiple days) in the calendar and clicking on the ADD button next to the template name. Group Services can also be added directly by clicking on ADD.

When adding your Group Service to the calendar you have the option to select the following for each day the class will be available:

  • Day of Group Service
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Number of Slots (up to 50 clients)
  • Assigned Provider (provider must be checked off to offer the Group Service under Manage > Providers)

If you'd like to set up the class on multiple days you can click on the + button in the template manageer window to add the Group Service to multiple days. You can independently change the start/end time, slots and provider for each Group Service you add to your calendar.

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