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ADMIN Dashboard


Schedule Tab

The Schedule tab allows you to access the store schedule for bookings and providers work schedule. 

View Cancellations- This option allows you to view cancellations for the selected day.

*You can select date by using the arrows or calendar icon. 


Edit Availabilities- This option allows you to adjust the availability for the particular day.

*You can select date by using the arrows or calendar icon.


Tap to Block On/Off-This option allows you to add availability to not available time within a providers schedule. Only the admin can perform this function.

Profile Icon(image) - This icon allows you to view booking by client name and contact details.


Wrench Icon(image)- This icon allows you to view booking by the services booked by the client.


Refresh Icon(Image)- This icon allows you to refresh the calendar. If you have the schedule up it is important to refresh so that you can see the most updated bookings. 


Search Icon(image)-This button allows you to search for clients and their profile. When you select the client their next booking will appear.


Edit(image)-This button allows you to return to times for the business and schedule hours for the providers. To edit and make adjustments see “schedule”.


Days of the Week Tab- Allows you to view the days for that weeks schedule. You can use Calendar to skip to weeks ahead.



Manage Tab


Allows you to review and edit the application Resources “Services”, “Providers”, “Schedule”, Point of Sale”.


Booking Form has:


Booking Widget - This is where you set up your Resurva widget to the host site for your clients to book directly from your website. (image)

*You can add Custom Booking Fields to allow customers to complete additional information for your booking(ex:promo code) (image)


Client Tab


Client list

This tab is where you can add clients and client groups


To add a Client


Click “Add Another”

Enter email address they will use to log in

Enter First name and Last name

Enter Address and telephone number 

Click “Create Account” to complete the new client

*If you selected welcome email you do not need to send additional email to client for details and links.

Client Groups

To add a Client Groups


This group will be linked to your Vend group for special instructions on handling payment from these clients (ex: Friends and Family 15% discount) if applicable.


Click “Add Another”

Enter group name(ex Friends and Family)

Enter Discount Value (15)

Enter Discount Type (Percentage or Dollar)

Click “Save” to save group.


To add Client to Client Group


Select Client Tab

Select Client List

Select group from clients group list.

No need to save after selection




Analytics Tab


Booking Search


This tab allows you to review data on Resurva bookings by date


Review Data for “Status”, “Service”, “Provider”


Select “Start Date” Range

Select “End Date” Range

Select information to be reviewed( ex:All status, All Service, All Providers)

Click “Search” for results





This allows you to view totals on a line graph to see the amount of services provided to date from your resurva account.






App Setting

Here you can create the conditions for booking. 

Company Name- Name of your company which will be viewed by clients booking a service


First Booking Date


First booking date is active-This means the first date will be the first date it is online the client can book a service


First available booking day will be a fixed date-This means the first day the client can book will be a fixed date( ex: your account is online on Saturday Jan 1 2014 but the first booking is only available on Monday January 3 2014.

*If you have selected fixed date click on “When” to select the date.


First Booking Date is a variable date- This means that the booking can start one, two, or 10 days from date you have set up Resurva account.


Show the first booking date as the first tab in the schedule-This allows you to see the booking date on schedule page as the first booking.

*If you have selected use “When” drop down choices for the amount of days from current date to start booking services.


Last Booking Date


Last booking date is active-This means that the lsat date of bookings clients can book a service.


Last available booking day will be fixed date-This means the last day the client can book will be a fixed date( ex: your account is online on Saturday Jan 1 2014 but the first booking is only available on Monday January 3 2014.

*If you have selected fixed date click on When to select the date.


Last available booking day will be a variable date-This means that the booking can end one, two, or 10 days from date you have set up Resurva account. 

*If you have selected use “When” drop down choices for the amount of days from current date to end booking services.


Schedule Settings




Booking Settings


Force clients to login when booking- Clients can’t book a service without login

Booking require admin approval-The admin most approve bookings before a confirmations can be sent out.

Send booking notification emails to admin- Any admin will receive the notification email of bookings as they are registered by clients.

People can book every - This is the interval of time for bookings within the day (1hr-10am, 11am, 30min 1030am, 1100am, 15min 1015am, 1030am).

Maximum Bookings Per User Each Day- Limits the amount of bookings that a client can have each day.


Show the next 5 openings for clients-Allows clients to see available bookings right away for the day. (image)


Show No Preference Bookings- Allows clients to select a service with no preference of the provider.(image)


Booking require waiver agreement-Allow user to agree to specific terms of service and conditions. ex: All clients must be their 15min prior to appointment. (image)


Include address in booking notifications-Allows clients to have address when they receive the email confirmation after booking service.




Private Booking Settings


Private Bookings Only(Requires login)-Only user with logins can book service with business

*Can’t have private booking settings and regular bookings working at same time.


Allow New Users - Will allow new clients to register for booking services with company

Allow Social login- This will allow clients to use twitter, Facebook, or google+ to login to resurva

Allow logged in clients to view full schedule- Clients will be see all available time.


Provider Selection


Provider selection is allowed-Allows clients to select which provider they want to use.


When?- Always or just for logged in users


No Preference Provider Selection- Allows admin to decided order of providers or leave it to be random.


Client Settings


Enable Client Notes-Allows admin to leave notes on client account. disable or enable to allow this function.


Detailed Client Information- Allows admin to force client to enter more information for booking (Address, Facebook etc.)


Report Settings


Enable “Today’s Bookings” report-At 8am an email to view reports of bookings for the day sent to admin.


General Information tab- Allows admin to change the information of the business. You can change the address and phone number.

Logo and Branding- Allows admin to set Logo for Resurva booking front page. 

TWITTER, FACEBOOK-Allows admin to add facebook and twitter accounts of the business to connect to resurva.

*Select “Allow users to share their booking with facebook/twitter” to allow clients to announce booking with your client.


Admin Accounts 

This choice allows you to give and take away admin control. You  can add another admin account by clicking on the “add another” button.

*You can also add the groups admin to them 


This allows you to add payment to your Resurva account or downgrade your account.

Your account can be cancelled in this area.


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