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Customize Your Email Notifications

In this article we will outline the simple steps necessary to customize your email notifications.

If you go to Manage > Notifications, you can edit the emails your clients receive from Resurva.

You can use your own language to craft your emails to reflect your business personality using the codes below to insert generated information specific to the booking.

{name} = your clients name

{account} = your business name

{service} = the name of the service booked

{provider} = the name of the service provider

{date} = the date of the booking

{start_time} = the start time of the booking

{end_time} = the end time of the booking

{cancel-link} = the link we generate to allow your client to cancel their booking

{waiver} = the text from your waiver (only prints if the feature is active)




Hey {name},

Thanks for a booking a {service}. I'll see you on {date}, at {start_time}.






Hey John,

Thanks for a booking a Cut. I'll see you on April 16, 2015, at 9 AM.




Resurva Barber Co.


 For assistance with customizing your notifications, email support@resurva.com


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