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Setting the Booking Interval

In this article we will outline the simple steps necessary to set the booking interval.


The Resurva schedule is based upon the Booking Interval you set on the very first screen of our setup wizard. You can access this screen at any time by clicking on Settings, then General Information.


To set the booking interval, you need to consider how long your services take to provide. If all your services are 1 hour, and don't require any padding, you can set the interval to every Hour. But if your services are 1 hour and you have 15 minutes padding after each, you'll need to set the interval to every 15 Minutes.

If you offer 30 minute services across the board, you guessed it, set the interval to every 30 Minutes. But if you do 30 minute haircuts, and 45 minute shave, you'll need to set the interval to every 15 Minutes.

If you have any questions about this, it's always best to ask us. We'll help you set the interval to maximize your business. Feel free to email us your questions: support@resurva.com

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