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Configure your Resurva Account to Accept Payments

1. Go to Settings > App Settings

2. Select Payments

3. Enable Payments

4. Connect with Stripe

5. Sign up for a Stripe account, or sign in to an existing one

6. Enter the Stripe verification code sent to your phone

And that's it: YOU'RE CONNECTED!

Choosing your Settings:

You can choose to enforce payments from ALL or SOME of your clients. If you choose SOME, you will have the option to enforce payments for any client who has a 'no show' on their account. Enforce payments per client from the Client List.

You can choose what percentage to charge. If you select anything under 100%, a deposit will be taken, and the remainder can be paid by the client in person. Paid deposits are marked on the admin calendar.

Set your local tax rate to be charged on top of the service cost.

Choose which Services and Providers require payment in advance, or just leave it set to All.

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