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Integrate your Resurva Booking Widget into a Weebly Website.

In this article we will outline the simple steps necessary to integrate your Resurva Booking Widget into a Weebly Website.

In Resurva:

  1. Go to Manage > Booking Widget
  2. Edit the colours to match your website and click “Save & Publish”
  3. Click “Authorized Sites” then “+ New”
  4. Add weebly.com
  5. Click “Authorized Sites” then “+ New” again
  6. Add www.weebly.com
  7. Ignore the “Get Code” button. Weebly requires you to use an iframe rather than Javascript. The iframe looks like this:
  8. <iframe src=”https://YOURSLUG.resurva.com/book?embedded=true” name=”resurva-frame” frameborder=”0″ height=”450″ width=”450″></iframe>
  9. Replace “YOURSLUG” with your Resurva Slug and copy the above code.\


In Weebly:

  1. Go to the editor and navigate to the page you want to add your booking widget to.
  2. Drag “Embed Code” to the portion of the page you want your booking widget in.
  3. Click to set custom HTML, and paste the iframe code in the box.
  4. Make sure the container is large enough (with a few pixels wiggle room) to hold the booking widget. The default is 450px by 450px, but you can modify this if needed.
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