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What information will I find under analytics?

To access your analytics reports from the menu select ANALYTICS > REPORTING

You can view each type of report by the following options:
Upcoming week | Last 30 Days | Last 90 Days | Last Year

All of the reports are shown in either charts or graphs, to see the total amount for each figure, put your cursor over the charts to see the specific totals.
For example, if it is a piechart, it will display the percentages out of 100% - put your mouse over each section on the chart to see the total number or dollar amount for each. If it is a bar graph, put your mouse over each bar to see the total amount.

Here is a breakdown of what information you will find under each type of report:

Resurva Impact

  • Bookings Created By (Admin vs. Client)

  • Booking Time of Day (Open vs. After Hours)

  • Completed Bookings (vs. No Show)


  • Bookings By Days of The Week

  • Bookings By Date

  • Top 10 Clients by Bookings


  • Revenue By Date

  • Revenue By Service

  • Revenue By Provider

  • Top 10 Clients by Revenue


  • Services Booked

  • Services Booked - By Provider


  • New vs. Returning Clients

  • Active vs. Inactive Clients

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